SUA Campbell Book Club

Date Topic Resident Whip Location Venue
26 Jan 2019 Pediatric urology II – lower tract abnormalities including hypospadias Edwin Jonathan Aslim Nyo Yoke Lin NUH NUHS Tower Block, Level 7, T07-04
23 Feb 2019 Renal tumor II – Familial RCC & locally advanced/metastatic RCC Lu Jirong John Yuen SGH SGH
09 Mar 2019 Renal tumor I: Approach to small renal masses; surgical techniques for partial/radical nephrectomy Thomas Chan Shum Cheuk Fan KTPH Tower A Level 3, General Office 4, Meeting room 2
23 Mar 2019 Prostate cancer – screening, biopsy strategies, staging, imaging Edwin Jonathan Aslim Terence Lim CGH Training Centre, Main Building Level 1, Lecture Room
27 Apr 2019 Localised prostate cancer treatment Pradeep Durai Png Keng Siang TTSH Annex 1: L3-N-M008 (Thomson)
11 May 2019 Advanced prostate cancer including PSA failure & CRPC Nathaniel Heah Edmund Chiong NUH NUHS Tower Block, Level 7, T07-04
18 May 2019 Erectile dysfunction & hypogonadism Kwok Jia Lun Joe Lee NUH NUHS Tower Block, Level 10, T10-03
08 Jun 2019 Male subfertility Wang Ziting Ronny Tan TTSH Annex 1: L3-N-M008 (Thomson)
29 Jun 2019 Upper tract urothelial carcinoma, nephroureterectomy Jeffrey Leow Tim Loke TTSH Annex 1: L3-N-M008 (Thomson)
13 Jul 2019 Bladder cancer – epidemiology, anatomy, diagnosis, staging Choo Zhen Wei Lee Lui Shiong SGH SGH
27 Jul 2019 Bladder cancer – superficial disease: treatment, immunotherapy & prognostic markers Kelven Chen Kesavan NUH NUHS Tower Block, Level 7, T07-04
17 Aug 2019 Surg tx advance Ca bladder Du Jingzeng Sim Hong Gee SGH SGH
24 Aug 2019 Testicular tumours – including treatment of Stage I tumour, risk factors for recurrence Arianto Yuwono Wu Qing Hui NUH NUHS Tower Block, Level 7, T07-04
14 Sep 2019 Treatment of metastatic testicular cancer Alvin Low Chong KT SGH SGH
21 Sep 2019 Penile, scrotal & urethral cancers Arshvin Kesavan Tay Kae Jack SGH SGH
12 Oct 2019 CPPS and interstitial cystitis Liong Yee Vonne Sharon Yeo TTSH Annex 1: L3-N-M008 (Thomson)
26 Oct 2019 Infections & inflammation: UTI, GU TB & prostatitis Tay WY Keat Ng Lay Guat SGH SGH
Postpone to a later date Adrenal physiology and adrenal tumours Yong Jin Henry Ho SGH SGH