SUA Campbell Book Club 2018

Date Topic Resident Whip Location Venue
6 Jan 2018 BPH I – Pathophysiology, Evaluation and Nonsurgical Management Neo Shu Hui Lim Kok Bin SGH SGH Uro Centre Level 2
3 Feb 2018 Pathophysiology, Classification and Evaluation of Lower Urinary Tract and Urinary Incontinence Chester Choo Fiona Wu NUH NUHS Tower Block, Level 7, T07-04
10 Feb 2018 Management of Lower Urinary Tract Storage and Emptying Failure, Urinary Incontinence Nathaniel Heah Shirley Bang TTSH Annex Bldg L3-N-M008 (Thomson)
10 Mar 2018 BPH II – Surgical Management Modalities including overview of resectoscopes Wang Ziting Lie Kwok Ying NTFGH A-3-3, Tower A level 3, Urology admin office
24 Mar 2018 GU trauma excluding urethral trauma Jeffery Leow Shum Cheuk Fan KTPH KTPH Tower A, Level 3, General Office 4, Meeting Room 2
7 Apr 2018 Urethral trauma, urethral strictures including endoscopic techniques and urethroplasty Kelven Chen Shirley Bang TTSH Annex Bldg L3-N-M008 (Thomson)
30 Jun 2018 Endourology III – Percutaneous Approach to PC system and Surgical Management of Upper Tract Calculi Lu Jirong Tan Yung Khan TTSH Annex Bldg L3-N-M008 (Thomson)
7 Jul 2018 Urinary Tract Fistulae, Bladder and Female Urethral Diverticulae Thomas Chan David Consigliere NUH NUHS Tower Block Level 10 T10-03
21 Jul 2018 Endourology I- epidemiology, evaluation and medical management Kwok Jia Lun Martin Lee NUH tbc
4 Aug 2018 Endourology IV – PCNL, including open stone surgery Durai Pradeep Chong Tsung Wen SGH SGH Uro Centre Level 2
18 Aug 2018 Pediatric urology I – Genital abnormalities & intersex Teo Xin Ling Annette Jacobson tbc
15 Sep 2018 Pediatric urology II – lower tract abnormalities including hypospadias Edwin Jonathan Aslim Nyo Yoke Lin tbc
29 Sep 2018 Pediatric urology III- upp tract abnormalities (PUJO etc) & oncology Mon Mon Oo Vidyahar Mali tbc
6 Oct 2018 Endourology II – URS/RIRS including stents & endourology instrumentation Chia Jun Yang Vineet Gauhar NTFGH A-3-3, Tower A level 3, Urology admin office
13 Oct 2018 Principles of renal transpantation Karthik Thandapani Benjamin Goh NUH NUHS Tower Block, Level 7, T07-04
27 Oct 2018 Renal vascular disease and renal failure Alvin Low Wei Xiang Jimmy Teo tbc
10 Nov 2018 Renal pathophysiology (fluid & electrolyte) in critical care Arianto Yuwono Srinivas Subramanium tbc