About SUA Office of Education

SUA Office of Education was founded in 2017 to have a strategic team to assist the SUA in planning education & best practice efforts, on an intermediate to long term basis. SUA, together with the support from the various hospitals, we can work towards providing continuing nursing education and standardising practices among all hospitals to bring about better urological care for the patients.The committee is under the purview of SUA EXCO but is independent of the yearly changes in SUA EXCO. It comprises of the current SUA President, EXCO CME Chair, representative from Chapter of Urologists, Academy of Medicine, Singapore and invited SUA members with specific interest in Education.

Specific Purposes:

1. Recommend plans & strategies to provide quality independent continuing medical education (CME) to enhance

  • the clinical competence and knowledge of Urologists and the urologic care team
  • the Urologic knowledge of Family physicians and other healthcare professionals

2. Provides oversight and recommendations on the content of educational materials and programmes produced or used by SUA.

Committee Members:

  1. Edmund Chiong
  2. Sim Hong Gee
  3. Tiong Ho Yee
  4. Tan Yung Khan