European Board of Urology (EBU) In-Service Assessment

The EBU Examination Committee annually organises 3 assessments; each assessment is held once per year.

  1. In-Service Assessment:
  2. EBU Online Written Examination
  3. EBU Oral Examination

To encourage all urology residents to evaluate their current knowledge base against the current European standards, SUA annually organises an examination date to encourage all residents to take the In-Service Assessment together in a common setting. This assessment is helpful in allowing residents and programme directors to use it to identify deficiencies related to specific urological topics and target those areas in future training. The top EBU scorer for the year will be awarded with a S$300 book prize.

We congratulate the top scorers for the Annual EBU Exams:

2024: Chloe Ong

2023: Tay Wy Keat

2022: Alvin Lee Yuan Ming

2021: Tay Wy Keat

2020: Lu Yadong

2019: Chong Wei Liang

2018: Daniel Yong

2017: Yam Wai Loon

2016: (Tie) Lau Weida & Palaniappan Sundaram

2015: (Tie) Shum Cheuk Fan & Liu Zhenbang

2019: Chong Wei Liang