SUA Campbell Book Club 2023

SUA Campbell Book Club will now be conducted as a virtual meeting. The meeting will commence at 0800hrs sharp.

This event is a pre-accredited Core Urology CME event.

Please note: The link to the recorded session for the SUA Campbell Book Club will be sent to you upon request. Please reach out to the secretariat at

DateTopicPresenterWhipVenue of Meeting
07/01/2023Prostate cancer - Screening, biopsy strategies, staging, imagingTan Yu GuangDr Wu Qing HuiOnline
28/01/2023Localised prostate cancer treatment
Lee Yuanming AlvinDr Tay Kae JackOnline
11/02/2023Erectile dysfunction & hypogonadismLee Han JieDr Ronny TanOnline
Timing: 1:30pm – 3:30pm
25/02/2023Advanced prostate cancer including PSA failure & CRPCKoh Soon HockA/P Edmund ChiongOnline
25/03/2023Male subfertilityClarissa Min-Hui GurbaniDr Joe Lee King ChienOnline
01/04/2023Bladder cancer - Epidemiology, anatomy, diagnosis, stagingTan Yi QuanDr Lincoln TanOnline
Timing: 7.00am - 7.50am
06/05/2023Surg tx advance Ca bladder
Lua Hui Chung AlexDr Terence LimOnline
20/05/2023Infections & inflammation: UTI, GU TB & prostatitisTerence Law Yu XiA/Prof Ng Lay GuatOnline
15/07/2023Upper tract urothelial carcinoma, nephroureterectomyTung Yi Min JoshuaDr Lee Lui ShiongOnline
CancelledCPPS and interstitial cystitisDr YangDr ParkOnline
02/09/2023Bladder cancer - superficial disease: treatment, immunotherapy & prognostic markersDaanesh H HassanbhaiProf E KesavanOnline
09/09/2023Pediatric Urology I: Genital abnormalities & intersexTan Rui LingA/Prof Anette JacobsenOnline
07/10/2023Pediatric Urology II: Lower tract abnormalities including hypospadiasTeo Yong Ai RoxanneDr Nyo Yoke LinOnline
04/11/2023Adrenal physiology and adrenal tumoursChloe Ong Shu HuiDr Molly EngOnline
Re-scheduled (TBA)Pediatric Urology III: Upp tract abnormalities (PUJO etc) & oncologyChan Ming ChunDr Nyo Yoke LinOnline