SUA Campbell Book Club 2024

SUA Campbell Book Club will now be conducted as a virtual meeting unless stated otherwise. The meeting will commence at 0800hrs sharp.

This event is a pre-accredited Core Urology CME event.

Please note: The link to the recorded session for the SUA Campbell Book Club will be sent to you upon request. Please reach out to the secretariat at

Re-scheduled (TBA)Pediatric Urology III: Upp tract abnormalities (PUJO etc) & oncologyDr Chan Ming ChunDr Nyo Yoke LinVirtual
06/01/2024Testicular tumours - including treatment of Stage I tumour, risk factors for recurrenceDr Alvin LeeDr Daniel Yong Zhan PengVirtual
27/01/2024Treatment of metastatic testicular cancerDr Lee Han JieDr Sim Hong GeeVirtual
24/02/2024Penile, scrotal & urethral cancersDr Terence LawDr Lau WeidaVirtual
16/03/2024Infections & inflammation - UTI, GU TB & prostatitisDr Clarissa Min-Hui GurbaniDr Heah Hong En NathanielVirtual
13/04/2024Renal vascular disease and renal failureDr Loke WayrenDr Hersharan KaurVirtual
27/04/2024Renal pathophysiology (fluid & electrolyte) in critical careDr Chan Ming ChunDr Matthew D'CostaVirtual
18/05/2024Principles of renal transplantationDr Chloe OngDr Lu JirongVirtual
08/06/2024BPH I: Pathophysiology, Evaluation and Nonsurgical ManagementDr Joshua TungDr Jegathesan ThiruchelvamVirtual
29/06/2024BPH II: Surgical Management Modalities including overview of resectoscopesDr Yang XinyanDr Chua Wei JinVirtual
20/07/2024Pathophysiology, Classification and Evaluation of Lower Urinary Tract and Urinary IncontinenceDr Lua Hui Chung AlexDr Park Joon JaeVirtual