Dear Partners and Friends,

On behalf of the organizing committee, welcome to Urofair 2023!

Urofair 2023 will be held as a physical conference from 6-8th Jul 2023 at Singapore General Hospital Academia. This year with the theme of ‘Transformative Urology- harnessing the winds of change”, we endeavour to concentrate on spotlighting the latest frontiers in research and celebrate best evidence-based practices brought about by new technology and techniques that challenge conventional standards.

This 3-day conference will feature masterclasses, thematic symposiums and plenary sessions that will cover a wide range of contemporary and progressive topics in modern Urology. Staying true to the multidisciplinary nature of Urology, we will have outreach to the nurses and our GP community with both nursing and GP symposiums in the programme as well. Not forgetting to celebrate our triumphant emergence from the Pandemic, we aim to foster and build stronger bonds through physical gatherings and social events during this meeting as well.

Urofair is the main urological conference in the Singapore Urological Association’s Continued Medical Education (CME) calendar garnering strong showing of local and regional participants each year. The team hopes to deliver an outstanding program with your support, reconnect with familiar friends as well as establish new networks of lasting partnership and friendship for our community.

We look forward to your strong support and close collaboration to further the practice of Urology!

Yours sincerely

Dr. Kenneth Chen
Organising Chair – Urofair 2023