SUA Nursing CNE Steering Committee

SUA Office of Education is a strategic team to assist the SUA in planning education & best practice efforts, on an intermediate to long term basis. It has a newly-formed sub-group called the SUA Nursing CNE Steering Committee. The aim of this committee is to recommend plans & strategies to provide quality independent continuing nursing education (CNE) to enhance the clinical competence and knowledge of Urology Nurses.

The SUA Nursing CNE Steering Committee consists of representative senior nurses from both restructured and private hospitals. One of the first projects by the committee is to create an online training module for urology nurses.


  1. Toh Poh Choo, NUH
  2. Ng Yun Shu, SGH
  3. Song Kun, CGH
  4. Heng Lee Choo, TTSH
  5. Liang Qing, NTFGH